Get To Know Us!

What we believe:

Our Mission:

To Know Christ, To Grow with Christ, To Go and Share Christ’s Love

Our Core Values:

We Believe that Jesus Is Lord: Matthew 22: 34-40, John 14: 6, Philippians 2: 9-11

Jesus is the head of the church. Jesus is the complete and ultimate expression of God and is part of the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We Stand on the Word of God: II Timothy 3: 16-17, Romans 15: 4, Psalm 1

The Bible is our final authority in matters of faith and practice. We accept on faith that all of the Scripture is inspired and is without error; however not all interpretation is without error. Therefore we support and encourage the study of the original manuscripts, allowing the Bible to interpret itself. For the Scriptures are a living Word that are always relevant and revealing God’s purpose for all of creation

We Desire Genuine Worship: I Peter 2: 9, John 4: 23-24, Psalm 98: 4-9, Psalm 105: 1-4.

Worship establishes and encourages a right relationship between God and his people. Worship is central to the life of the church. In it we are bound together as Christ’s body. Worship involves the whole person—body, mind, heart and spirit.

God has Called Us: Matt 4: 19, I Cor 12: 12&27, Ephesians 4: 11-16

We believe in “the priesthood of all believers” (I Peter 2: 4-10). All of God’s people are called to ministry. God has gifted every believer, through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to serve the cause of Christ Jesus in the world.

We are Free In Christ: Romans 8: 1-2, Galatians 5: 1, John 8: 31-36

Because of what Jesus has done for us we are free! In this congregation it is OK to have fun, it is OK to make mistakes, it is OK to say no. We are free to serve God as the Lord leads us and not out of guilt, obligation or duty. We serve God in response to what the Lord has already done for us.

We Will Go Make Disciples: Matthew 28: 18-20, Matthew 4: 18-20, Luke 19: 10, Acts 1: 8.

Jesus gave his disciples this command—“Go and make disciples of all nations”. Therefore the church exists primarily for the sake of others. We will seek to invite every person to consider a living and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, for He is the only way to salvation and eternal life.

We Celebrate that God is Changing Lives John 8: 1-11, II Cor. 5: 17, Colossians 3: 15

We believe that God changes lives and that He alone has the transforming power of the Holy Spirit to create faith and help us live lives that are pleasing to Him. As believers, we accept that there is nothing in this world that ever stays the same except the solid rock of our Salvation. We worship Jesus our Lord, not our tradition, not our history, and not ourselves.

Our Vision:

To partner with God in the world.

You’ve got the call – answer it!

We will engage our people. We will love them as they are, challenge them to consider God’s call on their life, encourage them through dynamic worship, and offer them genuine relationships.

You’ve got the Book – read it!

We will equip our people for discipleship, leadership, and service through comprehensive Biblical training. We will help them find and model a life transformed through a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

You’ve got the job – do it!

Need we say more?!